Marketing Strategists

THOR Associates ignites your business and articulate your strategic vision for increased revenue. Our team becomes an extension of your company to measure, evaluate and deliver effectiveness for multi-channel marketing. THOR reviews and manages your model and your metrics, looks at your hierarchy of people power, and becomes responsible for almost every revenue producing touchpoint, including:

✦ Create revenue based initiatives
✦ Redesign for best practices
✦ Shepherd acquisitions and strategic partnerships
✦ Develop product, sales and marketing
✦ Product branding
✦ Increase ROI
✦ Evaluate media metrics
✦ Continuity modeling
✦ Monetize sourcing
✦ Production: Short Form, Long Form & Media Assets
✦ Integrate digital/traditional collaboration
✦ Go-to retail
✦ Create Home Shopping relationships
✦ TV, Radio and Print
✦ Digital
✦ Open international distribution channels

THOR offers a unique blend of marketing…We build more profitable customer relationships every day. We can help your company increase your revenue and expand your growth. THOR understands your landscape and the integration of technology for management, best practices and the ease of information exchange. THOR gives you the tools and strategies to compete more effectively. THOR creates and execute programs that deliver dollars to the bottom line.

THOR Develops Synergy

THOR creates predictive analysis and market share by working with your team executing a marketing strategy for transactional conversions. THOR’s synergistic approaches are:

✦ THOR reviews all marketing initiatives
✦ THOR integrates traditional and digital touch points
✦ THOR tests and improves your revenue model
✦ THOR analyzes and increases your ROI
✦ THOR excels at direct marketing to end-user
✦ THOR is specific to your needs
✦ THOR creates best business practices