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Fern is an experienced, award-winning marketing professional with a proven track record of increasing awareness, revenues, consumer usage and asset values for multiple globally recognized media, entertainment and lifestyle/fitness/pharma brands. Fern is successful at applying direct response initiatives to the Traditional|Digital marketplace and an expert in “Branded Response” bringing products to Retail. Fern’s strengths have allowed her to identify profitable customer segments, cultivate ways to favorably position client’s products and services, and ultimately create break-through marketing campaigns that deliver superior results. Fern excels at consumer and Trade Advertising, Media, Radio, Home Shopping, International, Production of long and short form DRTV, Retail, Telco/Customer Service and Digital marketing. Fern currently is a Board Advisory Member of Response DRMA and sat on the Executive Board of The Electronic Retailing Association (ERA).

During Fern’s career, she has managed annual budgets in excess of $200 million, hired and mentored staffs of 50+ employees, and been responsible for almost every marketing discipline.

Fern is versed in providing:
Growth Strategies ✦ Startups ✦ Brand Portfolio Management ✦ Operational Consulting ✦ Telemarketing ✦ Modeling ✦ Integrated Marketing ✦ Offline Integration to Digital Marketing

Email Fern at: fernleedrtv@yahoo.com