About THOR Associates

Who is THOR Associates?

THOR is the God of Thunder – we are Direct Marketing rainmakers hammering your process and increasing your ROI. We model predictive analysis and define market share by working with your team to execute a marketing strategy for transactional conversions.

THOR Associates is a DTC marketing consulting agency specializing in the creation of direct response integrated strategies providing ROI. We identify your product’s Unique Selling Proposition and use it to create brand differentiators. By using Direct Response marketing: DRTV, Radio, Digital. Print, Home Shopping, Retail, International, PR and Brand integration; we create a roadmap to success.

THOR knows how to engage, inspire and excite your target audience, connect them to your brand, affiliate them with your message, and most importantly, generate a call to action that provides a robust ROI.

THOR defines the relationship with the consumer by creating loyalty. We understand continuity modeling. We drive to the web. We push to retail. We succeed.